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Take action -
Be the change

The MAMS Redeem Team is empowering Queenslanders to take action that will positively impact themselves, their community and the environment, by offering a level of convenience and accessibility to the Containers for Change scheme that makes it easy to do the right thing. 


We will change the way Queenslanders recycle.

We will do this by going further than just supporting the change – we will be the change.

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Things change. That’s just the way life is.

When faced with change, you’ve got two options:

You can sit back and let things just happen.

Or, you can get on the front foot; and make things happen.

You can be part of change for good.

We believe change is a powerful force, and that when we work together, it gets even stronger.

We believe it can support and develop communities. And help safeguard our future. And we believe it starts with us.

Because there is a better way to recycle; and when we work together to achieve it, we all benefit.

A way to recycle that gives back to you; to your community and the environment.

A way to recycle that is easy, because doing the right thing shouldn’t be hard.

A way to recycle that takes away little and replaces it with pride.

We’re here to change the way Australia recycles.

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